Settling-in assistance

Settling into your new home means taking care of all the important little things. Allow us to help you get off to the right start in your new location.


When first arriving in a new location, it seems like there are a million important things to do before you can settle in.

We will help you organize the most important tasks to take care of upon arrival. We know how to get you connected quickly and can offer excellent local advice to ensure that you are getting the best start in your new home.

Some of the services as part of our settling-in are: opening bank Account(s), city hall registration, applying for social security, parking permit, registration of health and other insurances, drivers license exchange, finding a local doctor or dentist, setting up a Public Transport Pass, TV/Internet/Satellite-Dish Connection.


  • Accompanied: arranging and accompanying to  the appointments at respective authorities or institutions for an efficient and smooth settling.
  • Unaccompanied: back office support in scheduling appointments and providing information for you to visit and organize it by yourself respectively.



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