How do I know Eurohome is a reliable company?

A regular certified mobility company offers excellent national and local service, but special certifications and strict policy adherence is necessary for internationally recognized companies.

Eurohome is a professional, reliable ISO, Eura (European Relocation Association) and Harmony certified company and member of Global ERC (Employee Relocation Council) and ARPN (Association of Relocation Professionals Netherlands). This confirms that Eurohome has experience in the industry, provides quality assurance and additional guarantee to you as a customer.

What can I expect from Unaccompanied service?

Our experienced consultants will recommend, guide and support you with information, documents required and schedule appointments for you attend by yourself.

My company pays for the service, do you provide or send the invoice to the company?

Yes, we can send the invoice to your company.

What is the best way to become acclimated to the new area?

It can be daunting when moving to a new area. We at Eurohome can provide guidance on entertainment options and social venues connect you with other transferees. We advise to take time to get acclimated to your area. Nothing happens overnight.

When am I a repeated customer?

If you choose Eurohome from start to end of your stay in the Netherlands.

What are the cancellation terms?

Orders cancelled within 24hours of authorization will not be charged. Orders cancelled when contact is made will be charged as per the hours spent with a minimum of 1 hour tariff.

When a service requested, will I be contacted?

Yes, when you order a service you will receive a confirmation and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

My family joins me later, do I need to request for the service separate?

We advise you to make an account in our webshop in avoiding completing the details again. You can let us know when the arrival dates of your family are finalized and request the service separate .

Can accompanied service be requested on hourly service?

Yes you can, a minimum of 3 hours are charged as start tariff.

Can I send a review?

Yes. We appreciate and promote you to send a review. This helps us evaluate our performance and improve ourselves further.

I still have some questions what next?

You can request your question either in the contact form to us or call us at +31703011366 or  request for a chat. We are happy to answer your questions.

Whom should I contact if I am not satisfied with the service?

Please leave your contact details with subject as service evaluation and we make sure a higher level escalation contact person connects with you.

What can I expect from Accompanied service?

Our experienced consultant will manage the appointments, coordinate the time, place to meet and will accompany you and help you with all the appointments scheduled for the day.

What if I decide to add additional services on a later stage?

This is possible, we need you to send a new job order.

Can I request advice only on hourly basis?

Yes, it is possible and is used by many of our clients. Please be aware that we charge a minimum of 1 hour as a start tariff.

When do I get the coupon / discount?

Coupon / discount codes are provided to some of the companies who have their employees use their lumpsum at Eurohome webshop or to those for being a repeated  customer.

Can I cancel the service or reschedule?

Yes, you may cancel the service and reschedule it for a later period, a minimal fee for the time spent will be charged.

I am unable to pay with my credit card? What are the other options?

We send you an invoice and you can arrange for the pre-payment from the bank of your choice.