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The people at Eurohome make the difference. By taking a proactive approach and having the right skills, they take care of the expat through the entire relocation process. Their feeling for quality comes from the heart and forms the basis for a smooth relocation process, with an eye for detail and accuracy.

10,000 families choose Eurohome every year for the relocation to their new homes

With over 30 years of experiences in relocation services, we are a leading Destination Service Provider in Europe. We are located in The Hague (HQ), Prague and Moscow.
Our strength is our personal approach and global network. We fully understand the international demands given all different cultures. We offer a full range of destination services, such as home search assistance, immigration assistance. Please find these services on this webshop and buy them now.

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frequently asked questions

Excellent service delivery of relocation services

We deliver relocation services to expats and their families to realize a happy landing in their new destination.

How do I know Eurohome is a reliable company?

A regular certified mobility company offers excellent national and local service but special certifications and strict policy adherence is necessary for internationally recognized companies.

Eurohome is a professional, reliable ISO, Eura (European Relocation Association) and Harmony certified company and member of Global ERC (Employee Relocation Council) and ARPN (Association of Relocation Professionals Netherlands). This confirms that Eurohome has experience in the industry, provides quality assurance and additional guarantee to you as a customer.

When a service requested, will I be contacted?

Yes, when you order a service you will receive a confirmation and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

What can I expect from Accompanied service?

Our experienced consultant will manage the appointments, coordinate the time, place to meet and will accompany you , help you with all the appointments scheduled for the day.

What can I expect from Unaccompanied service?

Our experienced consultants will recommend, guide and support you with information, documents required and schedule appointments for you attend by yourself.

Tjitske van der Veen was VERY helpful though the process, specially because we were affected by IND changes due to COVID-19 outbreak. I knew I was getting the best support possible in this chaotic environment and made me very safe that I had everything covered.


Thank you very much for your call today. Sometimes in the stressful relocation process we only need to hear that “everything will be fine” 😊.

Despite of all the important information regarding to the services and some good laughs as well, I hung up felling much more relaxed.